Are you ready to care for yourself without feeling guilty or selfish?

In this four-week empowerment course you will transform your habit of self-neglect through a supportive step-by-step process starting with cultivating self-compassion, developing more self-awareness, taking inspired action to nurture yourself and then reflecting on your growth and deepening your gratitude practice.  

Do you nurture everyone in your life except yourself and end up feeling overwhelmed and exhausted?  

Are you caught in a cycle of self-neglect, always finding yourself at the bottom of your "to do" list?  

Do you just wish you could nurture yourself without feeling guilty or selfish?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then this course is designed specifically for you!

This empowerment course is designed to nurture you through the process, teach you steps and strategies that are easy to implement, and most importantly to empower you, not overwhelm you. And I will be with you throughout the process to mentor you and give you the support you need to transform your habit of self-neglect.

Your instructor for the course: Kelley Grimes - M.S.W. Counselor • Author • Speaker


Transform Your Habit of Self-Neglect: 4-week Empowerment Course

Week 1 Module: Cultivate Self-Compassion Week 2 Module: Develop More Self-Awareness Week 3 Module: Engage in Inspired Action to Nurture Yourself Week 4 Module: Reflect on Your Growth and Deepen Your Gratitude Practice

In this self-study course you will receive weekly modules to learn to:  

  • Cultivate Self-Compassion
  • Develop More Self-Awareness  
  • Engage in Inspired Action to Nurture Yourself 
  • Reflect on Your Growth and Deepen Your Gratitude Practice  

Each week you will receive an encouraging love note from me with the theme of the week and access to that week’s content including: 

• Weekly Meditation • Video/Audio Lesson • Self-Nurturing Practices

  • You will also be invited to a private Facebook group where you will receive regular inspiration, connect with a supportive community, have ongoing opportunities to ask questions, and receive mentoring from me.
  •  Join our monthly group coaching call to reflect on what you have learned, have questions answered, celebrate successes, acknowledge your progress and growth. 
  • Through this course you will learn to cultivate more peace, joy and meaning and transform your habit of self-neglect!  

By signing up for the course today you will receive these nurturing bonuses for the special price of $97 instead of the regular investment of $147:  

  • The arrival technique guided meditation ($10 value)
  • Transform Your Habit of Self-Neglect Ebook ($25 value)
  • Inspirational downloads including: Breathe card, Gratitude Practice card and Top 5 Ways to Cultivate Peace and Joy In Your Day (priceless!)

Overview of what you will learn and receive through this course

In the Transform Your Habit of Self-Neglect: 4-week Empowerment Course you will learn: To cultivate self-compassion To develop more self-awareness To take inspired action to nurture yourself To reflect on your growth and deepen your gratitude practice  

You will receive weekly: • Encouraging love notes with the weekly theme Meditation Video/audio lesson Self-nurturing practices: ~ Reflective journal prompts ~ Mindfulness exercises ~ Weekly mantra/intention ~ Downloadable “I give myself permission to” reminder ~ And more! 

Remember, the intention of this course is not to overwhelm you or make you feel like you have one more thing on your "to do" list. Instead this course was intentionally designed to encourage and empower you to nurture yourself with easy to implement steps, so that you can cultivate more peace, self-compassion, and joy in your life! 

This is what class participants say about Kelley:

“Kelley Grimes radiates a positive energy and enlightened beam full of gratitude and peace. I feel so fortunate to call her my friend and mentor. Her self-nurturing workshops always leave me feeling very fulfilled as she guides and helps me to live in the present and to nurture myself. Thank you Kelley for everything you do for me, my family and the community! You make this world a better place." Margie Spitzmiller 

“Kelley is one of those rare people who is on this earth doing exactly what she is meant to do. By living in her own truth and beauty, she brings wisdom, compassion, and a refreshing sense of humor to her endeavors- dare I say adventures?, of shedding light and clarity into our lives. Her workshops and mentorship have changed my life. Her work with self-nurturing is revolutionary. Every encounter with Kelley leaves me inspired, encouraged, empowered, and confident in who I am and in my own capabilities. I am a happier, more authentic person because of Kelley and her work.” Heather Ayers

“I’m so grateful that I was able to participate in one of Kelley’s Self Nurturing workshops. The results I felt from the guidance and exercises we were given were immediate and lasting. Before the program I knew I valued self nurturing, but didn’t have a clear understanding of what kept me from doing it on a regular basis, nor did I have a clear vision of a way to incorporate my goals into my daily routine. I now have concrete tools and methods that I use regularly in my self nurturing practice." Jill C.